Interval Analysis

Interval Computations
Global Optimization: The COCONUT project

CeP (global optimization and numerical constraint satisfaction)
COPRIN (application of interval analysis to parallel robots)
Groupe de travail sur les Méthodes Ensemblistes
Institue for Reliable Computing
MiceLab (modal intervals)

RealPaver (continuous constraints solver)

General Mathematics

Wikipedia (english)
Wikipedia (french)

Conferences were I was

CP 2008 (Sydney, Australia)
SciCADE 2007 (Saint-Malo, France)
FRAC 2007 (Nice, France)
SAC 2006 (Dijon, France)
REC 2006 (Savannah, USA)
QCP 2005, held in conjunction with CP 2005 (Sitges, Spain)
COCOS 2003 (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Research in France

La Guile du Doctorant (INDISPENSABLE! Très utile aussi pour les jeunes chercheurs)
Sauvons la Recherche


Bartleby (Online english dictionaries, encyclopedia, etc.)

Bouddhabrot (whaou!)
Julian Beever's pavement drawings (whaou!)
Monsanto (whaou!)

("Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Cham